About our products

  • All our straws are made from Bio-Polymers
  • The materials we use are also used in medical devices
  • Medical sutures, disolving implants and drug carriers have all been developed from the same material used to make our straws
  • They are non-toxic
  • When disposed of they will break down in as little as 6 months
  • Our products do not rely upon crop growth or harvesting the land to produce them, other traditional plastic alternatives rely heavily on crops to produce them, simply shifting the problem to another source.
  • Changing to plastic alternatives helps address the issue of plastics that are posing more and more of an issue for our wildlife and environment.
  • Not only are you helping to reduce the use of single use plastics but you are helping the environment.
  • By purchasing our straws you will be preventing not only pulution to the naked eye, but also reducing the harm the plastics do to out wildlife.
  • Watch this video to see the harmful effects that a simple straw can do to animals on this planet.

Watch this video to see The devastating affects a single straw can have in the sea.